futbol xabarlari

Football is a sports game, the aim of which is to score a leather ball directly into the opponent’s goal, acting with all parts of the body, excluding the hands. The team that scores futbol xabarlari more goals during the match wins.
Football for a long time is always almost the most popular and popular sport in the world. Before modern football was a game called «harpastum», which was played in Egypt, Germany and Italy. But modern football was born only in 1863 in England, and since then it began to spread around the world.

Basic rules of football
Match is a football game, which usually consists of two parts, the so-called halves, each of which lasts 45 minutes. Between the halves there is a break of -15 minutes, after which the players change the gate. The field on which players play football, has an herbal and synthetic coating. In total, 22 players participate in the game, which are divided into 2 teams of 11 players. Only one player – goalkeeper has the right to touch the ball with his hands (but not on the whole territory of the field, but only in the penalty area). Also in football, such roles are used: defenders, Midfielders, forwards. The main task of the defenders is to press the opponents, to take the ball from the opponent, not allowing him to score a goal against his own team. Midfielders tend to play in midfield and can either insure defenders or help the attackers, depending on the situation or the coach’s instructions. Forwards, in turn, are mainly on the opponent’s half of the field, to be as close as possible to someone else’s goal to score a goal.